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Refer-a-friend Program

Refer-a-friend Program

Thank you so much for considering signing up as a ThermoKitchen refer. We are so happy you want to be part of our refer a friend program. A program which rewards you with $5 for each sale you refer. At ThermoKitchen we strive to produce the best recipes and products, so we love it when people want to talk about us to their Thermomix friends.

Once you complete this form you will have your own login to ThermoKitchen and a special place to grab your referralĀ link. You will be able to use this link on any social media, FB Group pages, FB personal pages or emails you send. You can even text the link to a friend or write it down for them.

As a special reward to our friends, you will earn a commission of $5 every time someone uses your link and makes a purchase. Using the link will not cost your friends anything extra. This is our gift to you. From time to time we will even offer special discounted prices to our referral partners to give their friends.


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