TM6 Thermomix Gift with Purchase Offer

What is the Thermomix gift with purchase?

Did you know that Thermomix in Australia quite often offers a special gift when you purchase a Thermomix? 

Buying a Thermomix is an exciting time. This smart, connected appliance will be your best friend in the kitchen for a very long time.  Whilst it’s a large investment, this month Thermomix has provided a gift with purchase as an added incentive.

With Spring in the air, we have an exciting incentive aimed at Healthy Eating. 

Thermomix Gift with purchase flier showing pizza tray and cookbook

Our September “Eat Well” Incentive features the beautiful “Eat Well” Cookbook which showcases just how delicious, healthy, wholesome food can be. The cookbook includes recipes such as “Pink Scrambled Eggs,” “Proscuitto and Sun-dried Tomato Muffins” and “Coriander Pesto Pizza.” These fabulous recipes and the TM6 guided cooking will have you producing some new, flavour-filled meals in no time.

PLUS! You will also be receiving 2 Rose Gold Bakeware items. 

A pizza tray to ensure a perfect pizza every time and a gorgeous muffin tray.

If you would like to receive this additional Thermomix Gift offer you have until the 30th of September 2020 to complete the purchase of your TM6.

Thermomix Zip pay flier

*follow the link for the full terms and conditions of our 24 months interest-free offer!

Purchasing a TM6 is as simple as completing the form below.

Thermomix Gift With Purchase

    Once you submit your details I will be in contact with you to confirm the purchase.  We can then get started setting up your Cookidoo profile, ready for when your Thermomix arrives.

    Your Thermomix will be delivered directly to your door! It will usually arrive between 10-14 days after you have made payment on the Thermomix in Australia invoice.

    When you received the TM6 we will schedule a time for your virtual, online delivery briefing. Here I will help you unbox your Thermomix and run through the TM6 set up and all the functions of the Thermomix.

    Your special Thermomix gift with purchase will be shipped separately to the TM6 and will usually arrive the following week.

    What else gets delivered with your Thermomix?

    When you buy a Thermomix everything you could possibly need to get you started to online guided cooking is included with your purchase.  Take a look here for more information about what is included when you purchase a TM6 and the cost of a Thermomix.

    Diagram of all the features of the Thermomix TM6 with accessories

    Thermomix Host Rewards

    Do you have a friend that would like to purchase a TM6? Did you know as a referrer, or by hosting a cooking experience you will unlock free gifts from the Mixit shop? These gifts are products to help you get more from your Thermomix.

    Thermomix Host Rewards Brochure

    I love rewarding enthusiast Thermomix advocates, so please let me know if I can help you collect our host rewards.

    Our brand new host reward is the 2.2L White ThermoServer which fits neatly inside your Varoma to ferment yoghurt.

    New white ThermoServer filled with yoghurt

    Email, call, or contact me via social media if you would like to chat more about introducing a friend to me or unlocking host rewards. 

    Let’s Get Chatting!

    Direct message me on any of these social media platforms. I would love to connect!





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