TM6 Thermomix Gift with Purchase Offer

Thermomix with add on gifts blade cover and thermoserver pictured

What is the Thermomix gift with purchase?

Did you know that Thermomix in Australia quite often offers either a special gift when you purchase a Thermomix or a discounted bundle with the purchase?

Buying a Thermomix is an exciting time. This smart, connected appliance will be your best friend in the kitchen for a very long time. This month Thermomix has provided the option to purchase a discounted kitchen bundle!

To help you get the most from your TM6 Thermomix is offering a very exciting discounted kitchen bundle when you buy a TM6 before the 7th May 2021. Take a look at the flyer above for the items available in this great offer.

Let’s find out more about the bundle option! 

Oval ThermoServer.jpg
Oval ThermoServer


The must have Thermomix accessory is of course our exclusive range of ThermoServers – and top of the list is the 2.5L Oval edition!  Usually only available as a Host Reward, the 2.5L Oval ThermoServer offers versatility, style and resourcefulness.  Not only does it look great on the table, it’s the perfect companion for many slow cooked meals shared amongst friends.  Paired with the Blade Cover this bundle is going to be hot, hot, hot (just how you like your ThermoServer to keep your food!).   

Blade cover with TM.jpg


The Blade Cover offers more than just slow cooking though!  If you have never been successful in making poached eggs before, using the Blade Cover to create your favourite style of eggs is now an absolute cinch.  Maximise your understanding of the Blade Cover’s possibilities by exploring Cookidoo for recipes.   

You don’t have to upgrade to the kitchen bundle!

If you just want the TM6 and no extra’s, just click on the buy button. You will be taken to the Mixit shop and you simply check out the Thermomix only. Doing this will bring the Thermomix down to the lowest base price of $2,269.

Then just continue with the purchase. Once you have purchased the TM6 the machine will be shipped directly to your home. I will then be in contact to help you set up your machine and cook your first recipe!

If you do choose to select our bonus offer the items will be sent separately to your Thermomix so they may arrive at different times.


Purchasing a TM6 is as simple as clicking the link and checking out! You will find 4 different payment options. Paypal, credit card, Easy 3 payments and Zip interest free.

36 Months Interest free for a limited time!

Thermomix with finance terms included

What’s the next step?

Once you have made your purchase it’s time to set up your Cookidoo profile.  I will send you those instructions when your order has been confirmed

Can you help me set up my TM6?

Of course, I will always be there to help you with your machine. When you received the TM6 we will schedule a time for your virtual, online delivery briefing. Here I will help you unbox your Thermomix and run through the TM6 setup and all the functions of the Thermomix. We will cook your first recipe together! I will remain with you as your consultant. You will have my personal phone number to contact me anytime!

Thermomix Gift With Purchase

Would you prefer to contact me for a chat? I would love to talk with you. Just complete the form below and I will get back to you ASAP.

    What else gets delivered with your Thermomix?

    When you buy a Thermomix everything you could possibly need to get you started with online guided cooking is included with your purchase.  Take a look here for more information about what is included when you purchase a TM6 and the cost of a Thermomix.

    Diagram of all the features of the Thermomix TM6 with accessories

    Thermomix Host Rewards

    Do you have a friend that would like to purchase a TM6? Did you know as a referrer, or by hosting a cooking experience you will unlock free gifts from the Mixit shop? These gifts are products to help you get more from your Thermomix.

    Thermomix Host Rewards Brochure

    I love rewarding enthusiast Thermomix advocates, so please let me know if I can help you collect our host rewards.

    Our brand new host reward is the 2.2L White ThermoServer which fits neatly inside your Varoma to ferment yoghurt.

    New white ThermoServer filled with yoghurt

    Email, call, or contact me via social media if you would like to chat more about introducing a friend to me or unlocking host rewards.

    Let’s Get Chatting!

    Direct message me on any of these social media platforms. I would love to connect!


    Happy Cooking!

    Julie xx

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