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Using specific Asian ingredients in cooking gives the recipe a more authentic flavour. Here is a guide to commonly used Asian ingredients and where to buy them.

We are cooking more and more Asian dishes in our own home so I’ve created a list of some ingredients commonly used in Asian dishes and in my cookbook “An Asian Banquet.”

Many of the ingredients need to create Asian dishes from scratch are available in the larger supermarkets. Some, however, are only available in a speciality store or online. Now that I have released my Asian cookbook I wanted to make sure it was easy for everyone to locate and identify the correct ingredients for each recipe. As I was developing the recipes I was careful to only use unusual ingredients when the dish depended on a particular authentic flavour.

In my recipes, I have included brand names where I felt it necessary. I am not sponsored by these brands I simply felt the taste of the dish depended on a consistent flavour and the brand specified had the flavour I wanted.

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