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It’s a well know fact amongst my friends that I hoard cookbooks and cooking magazines! My pantry is better stocked than most bookstores. Once I purchased my Thermomix I had a real dilemma, there were so few recipes published for the Thermomix! How would I manage? I like to have variety in my cooking. Thankfully there is a magazine published for the Thermomix, TMIX magazine.

TMIX Magazine

TMIX Magazine

Regular readers would know I’ve bought a TMIX magazine subscription. I always share my thoughts on the latest recipes on FB. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the February edition. I’ve cooked loads of recipes from the other two magazines and I’m dying to see what will be in the next one.

Thermomix Rhubarb Ginger and Cloves Jam

Thermomix Rhubarb Ginger and Cloves Jam

I decided to write this article because I have been flicking through my back issues of TMIX and I was impressed all over again. The TMIX magazine contains a really different style of recipe. There are quite a lot of recipes which have been contributed by chefs and loads of great pictures. I love reading the interviews and the “how to” tips.

Thermomix Gozleme

Thermomix Gozleme

There’ also plenty of recipes for those nights where an elaborate TM meal is not on the cards. Simple, healthy clean recipes, or family friendly dishes with images that inspire you to get into the kitchen and “cook up a storm.”

My justification for purchasing Thermomix cookbooks and magazines is that after spending $2000 on a machine, I want to maximise my use and enjoyment my TM5. I find that searching for a recipe using the online community page it’s just too hard. Whereas browsing a magazine designed especially for the Thermomix is enjoyable, inspiring and relaxing.

Thermomix Cashew Cheese Ball

Each issue of TMix magazine usually contains about 50 recipes so I feel that it’s worth the subscription fee to ensure a steady stream of new recipes. The magazine is $19.95 quarterly, I purchased an annual subscription to ensure I didn’t miss any editions.
Take a look at the various pricing options for a TMix+ Magazine subscription. Please feel free to let me know which recipes you try!

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