What’s in TMIX+ Magazine Summer 2018 Edition


What’s in TMIX+ Magazine Summer 2018 Edition? Each quarter I patiently await the arrival of my TMIX+ magazine. Recipes in TMIX+ are all designed specifically for the Thermomix. Each quarter when my magazine arrives I like to share the contents with readers. My subscription gives me a hard copy delivered by post and an electronic copy which I save to my computer and to iBooks.

TMIX+ Magazine Summer Edition

TMIX+ Magazine Summer Edition

With the fuss of Christmas, I completely forgot about renewing my subscription. So when I was considering what I should prepare for the New Years celebrations I suddenly realised I was missing my copy of TMIX+ magazine.

Thankfully once I renewed I got instant access to this online version of the magazine. So, what’s in the Summer 2018 edition? Exactly what I needed for my New Year’s celebrations.

Thermomix BBQ

Thermomix BBQ

The first recipe which took my fancy was the Peach & Rosemary Bellini. This month TMIX features a section for Summer Thermo Drinks, not all of the offerings were alcoholic, but they all looked so refreshing.  Pineapple & Thyme Iced Tea, Spritzers and a Strawberry and Watermelon Slushie were amongst my favourites.

Moving on from the drinks I found another section devoted to BBQ favourites made easy using the Thermomix. There was a recipe for Guinness BBQ Sauce, a Smokey Meat Rub, Chimichurri Sauce and other tasty entertaining ideas.

Lamb with Baba Ganoush

Lamb with Baba Ganoush

My favourite recipe in this edition was contributed by Lesley Russel. The Spiced Lamb with Babaganoush is served with a Chickpea Salad and looks amazing. This is my kind of food, healthy and totally delicious.

Chocolate & Strawberry Pavlova

Chocolate & Strawberry Pavlova

Perhaps you have a sweet tooth?  Each TMIX magazine includes so many tasty treats. Speculoos Ice-Cream, Moroccan Rocky Road, Vanilla Bean Marshmallow, Mexican Fudge and a Chocolate & Strawberry Pavlova are all featured this month.

Take a look at TMIX+ Magazine for yourself

Readers interested in TMIX+ magazine should take a look at subscribing whilst they’re on sale.  4 issues are now available for just $59.85, the RRP price is usually $79.95. Online subscriptions are even cheaper!

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