Chicken & Seafood Laksa Cookalong

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Chicken & Seafood Laksa Cookalong & TM6 Demo all rolled into one!

Are you ready to learn how to make something new in your Thermomix?!! Each fortnight we cook a delicious recipe together using the manual mode on the Thermomix. So you get the opportunity to move away from guided cooking and go “freestyle”. This recipe is suitable for the TM31, TM5 and TM6.

My Chicken and Seafood Laksa is a super tasty recipe that will make a Laksa paste for future meals and dinner on the night!!

If you would like to also earn host rewards, register your details and bring two registered friends. You will then be eligible to choose your gift from the Mix Shop host reward catalogue 🎉

What a great way to introduce friends to the Thermomix!

If you plan to cook-along with me you will need “An Asian Banquet” cookbook. But if you would just like to watch and learn more about your Thermomix it’s a completely FREE event.

Cookalong 6.00-6.45pm.

The Asian Banquet cookbook is available here.  If you purchase a hard copy you will receive a free digital copy for immediate download.

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