What are DoTerra Oils? Where do you Buy Them?


DoTerra oils are pure and highly concentrated essential oils extracted from plants. Plant oils can be more than 50 times the potency of the actual herb or flower they originated from. Essential oils have many purposes in everyday life. The benefits of various oils have been known to all civilisations throughout history.  They are safe, effective, affordable and a fantastic alternative to synthetic products.

DoTerra Oil Range

DoTerra Oil Range

Incorporating the oils in your daily beauty regime adds more than just a gorgeous aroma. You will be swapping a natural, therapeutic product for a chemical-laden, environmentally questionable product. For example, regular deodorant is full of chemicals and heavy metals yet we apply it to our body every day, absorbing all of the nasties into our body. If you were to switch to the DoTerra deodorant you would be moisturising the area with coconut oil and shea butter and reducing odour naturally with a specially selected range of essential oils.

Essential oils in cooking is another exciting way to add flavour to your recipes while adding concentrated nutritional benefits. The purity of DoTerra oils makes most of the oils safe to ingest. (Please check the individual bottles). Regular cooking essences or “flavourings” are nothing more than synthesised chemicals manufactured to taste like the item they’re trying to replicate. It’s far better to add an edible essential oil to your cooking that an imitation product.

DoTerra Oils

DoTerra Oils

Even if you just want to use DoTerra oils to relax these oils are the natural alternative you’ve been looking for. DoTerra oils can be added to a carrier oil such as the fractionated coconut oil and used as a massage oil or in the bath.  They can be added to an atomiser and used to send a relaxing aroma through a room.

Are you interested in purchasing some of your own DoTerra oils?

You have two options, WHOLESALE or RETAIL.


To purchase retail go to our shop page and choose your DoTerra oil, complete the order form and I will ship the product ASAP.


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How to Order

  1. Follow the ThermoKitchen DoTerra link
  2. Click ‘Join and Save’ at the top of the page
  3. Select your preferred language and ‘Australia’ as your shipping destination (if you’re Australian).
  4. Select Wholesale Customer
  5. Complete your details in the order form
  6. Add the sponsor ID details (that’s me) – Although the site does tend to autofill this for you.
    Sponsor ID – ThermoKitchenID number 4685955.
  7. Choose your Enrolment Kit. (I chose the Essentials Collection w Slim & Sassy #40490004 $174)
  8. Or Alternatively, you can select the $35 one-time enrollment fee and individually choose the oils you wish to order.,

I chose to order the kit because just four of my oils and the enrollment fee already sent me over the kit cost, plus the membership is free with the kits.

You can also set up an ongoing Loyalty Rewards Order for more savings and free product. I set my shampoo, conditioner, soap and deodorant up as a recurring order, although this is completely optional.

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