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What are your favourite Cookidoo recipes? I’m sharing my Top 10 Cookidoo recipes.  These are recipes I think everyone should try when they first get their machine.

TM6 Thermomix showing machine and cookidoo recipe platform

As a Thermomix Consultant, the one question I get asked the most by new customers is “What should I make first?” I usually “um and ah” about the merits of this dish or that so today I thought I should put pen to paper and come up with my top 10 Cookidoo recipes.  

So if you’re looking for quick & tasty crowd-pleaser recipes I’m sure I have a recipe for you. These are dishes that are sure to make it to your regular menu rotation?  If you’ve had your Thermomix for a little while chances are you’ve already tried some of these “go-to” recipes.  

Frequently Asked Cookidoo Questions

What is Cookidoo?

Cookidoo is the guided recipe platform that drives the Thermomix TM6. The program is loaded onto your Thermomix and allows recipes from the platform to load onto your TM6 or Cook-key connected TM5. At last count, the Cookidoo recipe platform contains 70,000 recipes from all over the Thermomix world.

With so many recipes at your fingers tips, how do you choose what to make first? How do you know if the recipe is going to be a family favourite or a flop?

How much is a Cookidoo subscription?

The Cookidoo trial is free for one month. After the trial month, the charge is $69 per year. When you purchase a Thermomix you receive an extra 6 months of free Cookidoo access added to your one-month trial plan. 

Can I use my Thermomix without Cookidoo?

Yes, you can! All Thermomix machines from the TM31, TM5 and TM6 are able to be used in manual mode. The TM6 comes preloaded with the basic Cookbook recipes. Once the subscription to Cookidoo expires you can choose if you would like to renew the subscription.  Some people love the Cookidoo guided cooking whilst others like using the manual mode and cooking their regular recipes in the Thermomix.  There are also loads of Cookbooks available from independent Thermomix recipe developers and websites like this one dedicated to providing FREE Thermomix recipes.

How do I Register for Cookidoo?

Registering for a free trial is easy, just go to the Cookidoo website on your computer. Using a computer to register for the first time is suggested to ensure you get an Australian Cookidoo account.  If you have a TM5 or TM6 and you’re not sure about using Cookidoo, take a look at an early story I wrote. You can find more information about registering for Cookidoo TM5 here.

Two ladies at a computer with a TM5 register for Cookidoo

When you first get your Thermomix it can be a little overwhelming. Even deciding what to cook first can be difficult enough… but what if there are multiple versions of the same dish! Which one is the best?  Don’t worry!  I have you covered.

Favourite Cookidoo Recipe Countdown

Why are these recipes the winners?

So what were my selection criteria when I chose the top 10 Cookidoo recipes? How have I ranked these as the best?

Firstly, I have been using a Thermomix since 2014 and Cookidoo since its inception. So I have made a lot of Cookdoo recipes. All of the recipes on this list I have personally made and can guarantee. However, to be on the list they have to be the best version of the recipe and fill these other criteria;

  • High recipe rating on Cookidoo
  • Long-term popularity of the recipe on Cookid0o
  • Easy recipe to follow if you’re new to Thermomix
  • Works perfectly every time (personal experience and rating)
  • Saves you time by being either quick to make or doesn’t need hands-on time ie: a set and forget recipe.
  • Doesn’t need a lot of ingredients or uses mostly pantry items.
  • The Thermomix recipe version is easier than a conventional stovetop method
  • The recipe showcases a useful function or feature of the machine
  • The recipe shows you how to get more from the Thermomix ie: Varoma cooking


When you’ve had your Thermomix for a while you will find so many more family favourites on the Cookidoo website, but to get you started I’ve put together a list of my top 10 favourite Cookidoo recipes. These are recipes I think everyone should try when they first get their Thermomix.

So let’s count down the Top 10 Cookidoo Favourite Recipes.

Number 10 – Boiled Pasta

4.8 star rating  – 95 reviews

20 minutes

I know this doesn’t sound like an earth-shattering way to use your new Thermomix but it really does make cooking pasta easy No need to watch the water in case it boils over, or test the pasta every minute to see if it’s done! Set and forget! Plus it’s a recipe that teaches you to adjust the time in a “semi-guided” recipe.

Cookidoo Boiled Pasta Recipe

A bowl of boiled pasta recipe from Cookidoo favourite recipes


Number 9 – Mushroom Risotto

4.5 star rating  – 415 reviews

30 minutes

Risotto is one of the recipes you absolutely MUST try when you get your Thermomix. It is a simple “set and then forget” recipe which can be served as a main meal or accompanying another dish. I have chosen the mushroom risotto as this is a favourite for so many people! Please note, that I use the TM5 version of all risotto recipes as I believe the older method is best for risotto.

Cookidoo Mushroom Risotto Recipe

Bowl of Thermomix mushroom risotto


Number 8 – Caribbean Carrot Cake

4.8 star rating  – 463 reviews

2 hours (incl cooling time)

If you’re anything like me carrot cake has got to be moist and covered in luscious cream cheese frosting.  One slice of this cake is never enough! The recipe can also be used to make muffins. 

Cookidoo Caribbean Carrot Cake Recipe

Caribbean Carrot Cake from Cookidoo

Number 7- Banana Bread

4.8 star rating  – 1.4K reviews

60 minutes

This is the only recipe you will need for a loaf of cafe-style banana bread. It’s quick and easy and makes delicious banana bread. Perfect for school lunch or morning tea. 

Cookidoo Banana Bread Recipe

Cookidoo Favourite recipe - banana bread sliced ready for eating

Number 6 – Capsicum & Sun-dried Tomato Dip

4.9 star rating  – 233 reviews

5 minutes

Once you have tried this recipe you will never buy expensive premium style dips again. This recipe tastes amazing and is full of quality ingredients. Best of all it’s a quick recipe that will make you feel like a star in the kitchen.

Cookidoo Capsicum & Sundried Tomato Dip

Thermomix sundried Tomato Dip just like red rock version in a bowl with crackers


Number 5 – Prawn Arrabiata 

4.8 star rating  – 4 reviews

40 minutes

I first made this recipe on a live FaceBook Cookalong and it was a revelation. So simple to make and so many delicious flavors. I particularly liked that it uses the Varoma (steaming dish) to cook the prawns. I prefer my zoodles raw, but you can also steam them with the prawns. My recommendation is for raw zoodles as they “cook” when the sauce is poured over the top.  Feel free to add a few more prawns to the varoma in place of the Zoodles. 

Cookidoo Prawn Arrabiata Recipe

A bowl of prawn arabiatta on zucchini noodles served with parmesan cheese

Number 4 – Chicken Spinach Enchilada

4.7 star rating  – 542 reviews

40 minutes

This recipe is a little different as the filling is made in the Thermomix and the enchiladas finish their cooking in the oven. The flavours in this recipe are really good and a little different to your regular Old El Paso packet meals, give these a go!

Cookidoo Chicken & Spinach Enchilada Recipe

Chicken Enchilada Bake on a wooden background

Number 3 – Creamy Tomato  Salami Fettucini

4.7 star rating  – 1.1k reviews

30 minutes

Another very simple family favourite with only 10 minutes of preparation time and then the Thermomix does the rest. You will feel particularly clever when you see how the pasta is cooked!!  

Cookidoo Creamy Tomato Fettuccini Recipe

Creamy salami pasta in a white bowl and place mat

Number 2 – Hug In A Mug Soup

4.4 star rating  – 63 reviews

30 minutes

A perfect winter warming soup, just 10 minutes prep time and leave the Thermomix to do the rest. This recipe couldn’t be easier and is especially nice when a family member isn’t feeling well. Feel free to substitute any vegetable you don’t have with canned or frozen vegetables, you can’t mess this recipe up!

Cookidoo Hug In A Mug Soup

Cookidoo Hug in a mug soup

Number 1 – Chunky Bolognese

4.7 star rating  – 757 reviews

50 minutes

This is my number one favourite Cookidoo recipe for so many reasons. I have recommended it to so many people! Firstly, the technique of cooking the mince in the internal steam basket is a great one to learn as it doesn’t turn the mince into mush like some bolognese recipes. It keeps the mince texture deliciously chunky… just like the name suggests. Also, it’s a great fallback dish the family will eat and love. Plus, best of all, there are only 10 minutes of active time and then you can go and put your feet up for 40 minutes. WINNING! 

Cookidoo Chunky Bolognese Recipe

Three bowls of Chunky Bolognese from Cookidoo


So there we have it! If you’ve had your Thermomix for a little while, how many of my favourite Cookidoo recipes have you made?

Would you agree with this list?

What other Cookidoo recipes would you add to this list?

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments, I’m sure every suggestion will be helpful to other Thermomix users.

Thank you so much for joining me today. Please feel free to like and share the story on social media.

Happy Cooking 



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