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What are the best Thermomix accessories? I get asked this question all the time so I decided to seriously think about what my top TM6 accessories would be and put together this list.

Must have TM6 Accessories in squares numbered one to 5 overlayed over an image of a Thermomix

Some items are a no-brainer, they add more functionality to the machine which allows you to do more with it. I figure if you have spent $2359 on the TM6 you want it to take the place of as many household machines as possible. Other accessories I have chosen because they help you care for the machine. Whilst some accessories will only suit those that want to cook specific items.  For this reason, I have broken my list up into those grouping.

Please remember that Thermomix in Australia provides a 2-year warranty on the TM6. Using non-genuine products with the TM6 may void the warranty should damage occur. I will only recommend genuine Thermomix products that are sold at The Mixshop, Thermomix in Australia’s online shop.

Care & Cleaning Thermomix Accessories

Keeping your Thermomix in top condition will lengthen the life of the machine and ensure that it doesn’t need to take a visit to the Thermomix Service department. Not all of these items will be needed by every owner, it will depend on your individual lifestyle.

Thermomix Green Bristle Blade Brushes

These brushes come in a set of two and are perfect for getting into the blades. So much can get trapped in the blades, dough, and meat are the worst offenders. The brush gets under the gaps and has them scrubbed clean in no time. They are equally as good for cleaning the arms when they get dirty. Just cover the brush in a Chux cloth and run it the inside length of the arms.  Price $8.95 for the pair Thermomix Bowl Scourer Link

Two Green Bristled Thermomix Blade Brushes on a white background

The Thermomix Bowl Scourer

The Thermomix bowl starts off so shiny and clean. To keep it scratch free Thermomix recommends the euroSCRUBBY as the ultimate cleaning companion. It makes clean-up fast and easy. The scourer is made from 100% cotton but has a patented coating that helps remove tough-to-clean marks. Once you used the Thermomix Bowl Scourer to remove the tough stains, try my tips to bring back your Sparkling Clean TM Bowl. Price $7.95 Thermomix Bowl Scourer Link

Thermomix Bowl Scourer on a white background

Thermomix Glider Board

The Glider board is the only board that is approved for use under Thermomix.  It is available in 3 colours to suit your Thermomix and your kitchen. The three recesses on top of the Glider Board perfectly fit and hold the feet on your Thermomix®, and the four rubber stoppers beneath keep the board firmly in place. With a Glider Board, you can simply glide your machine around the bench without damaging the scales.

This product protects the scales of the machine from damage by being pushed around the bench. If you have someone in the house that is not able, (or willing) to lift the TM6 to move it, this is a good investment. The three recesses on top of the Glider Board perfectly fit and hold the feet on your Thermomix®, and the four rubber stoppers beneath keep the board firmly in place. With a Glider Board, you can simply glide your machine wherever you need it to be whilst acting as a kitchen bench protector. Here is a little more info on the Glider Board. Priced from $119.95 – $149.95  Thermomix Glider Board Link

Thermomix Three Glider Boards

Thermomix Travel Bag

If you are planning to take your TM6 on holidays I would absolutely recommend protecting your machine by storing it in a travel bag. The bag lifts the TM6 off the feet which house the scales. This eliminates the chance of the scales being damaged in transit. It also has enough space for the Varoma and other Thermomix accessories whilst still remaining a compact cube. It’s made of heavy-duty protective material. Priced $120 Thermomix Travel Bag Link

Thermomix Travel Bag on White background

Thermomix Accessories for Extra Functions

Thermomix has been releasing accessories that help the Thermomix become more functional. This allows the owner to use their TM6 for more cooking and preparation tasks than ever before. Further reducing the need to have multiple appliances in the kitchen.

Thermomix Blade Cover & Potato Peeler

This accessory is a two-in-one product. Firstly it covers the blades which allow the Thermomix to be used as a slow cooker. Secondly, it peels potatoes! Yes, you heard me correctly. Just pop the new potatoes in with some water and after 4 minutes they are peeled and ready to use. I use this for the blade cover function mostly and I totally recommend this product. So many more delicious meals can be made in the Thermomix using the TM6 as a slow cooker. An example of a recipe I developed that uses the blade cover is my Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks Priced $57.90 Thermomix Blade Cover & Potato Peeler Link

Thermomix Potato Peeler and Blade Cover on a white background

Thermomix Cutter

Coming Soon, to the mixshop. This attachment turns your Thermomix into a food processor. Now you can slice potatoes for your potato bake or scalloped vegetable place, turn the bowl over and it will also grate your vegetables. The Cutter has two thicknesses on each setting, a thick and a wafer thin. This product is currently available for anyone who refers a Thermomix sale as a host reward. So if you know anyone who is ready to buy. Let me know and you can be the first to have the “Cutter” and it will be FREE!

Do you have a friend who wants to buy? Complete the form below and I will be in contact.

Thermomix Cutter Near TM6

Other Handy TM6 Accessories

There are two other items from the Mixshop that I feel are “must-have” accessories. 

Varoma Trivet

The Varoma is one of the most useful accessories and it comes included with the Thermomix. The Varoma works by allowing the steam to circulate around large pieces of meat or vegetables in order to cook them while keeping all the flavour and goodness locked in. The only problem you can run into is the deep basket can hold 2kg of meat and vegetables. However, 2 kg of food would cover the holes and prevent the steam from circulating and the food from cooking evenly. That is where a trivet comes to our rescue. It sits inside the deep Varoma dish elevating the food off the steam holes and allowing large amounts of food to cook evenly. I have used the trivet here in my Meatballs in Tomato Sauce recipe and again in the Pulled Pork Recipe. Priced at $9.95 Varoma Trivet Link

Thermomix Varoma Trivet and some dariole moulds being used to make puddings

The Jumbo Bread Tin

Thermomix owners invariably start baking their own bread. We make white bread for sandwiches, seeded wholemeal bread, deliciously rich brioche-style loaves, and so many more variations. Bread making is just so easy and satisfying in the Thermomix.  The Bread tin that fits these doughs perfectly is the Jumbo Bread Tin. The Bread tin also includes a lid which gives you a perfect square sandwich loaf, or you can leave it off for a country-style loaf. If you think you will start making homemade bread I would recommend the Jumbo Bread Tin. Priced at  $50 Jumbo Bread Tin Link

Thermomix Jumbo Bread tin with a loaf of sliced bread beside it on a tea towel

So that was my top 8 Thermomix accessories. However, when I put this on social media everyone let me know that I had forgotten to include the most valuable accessory! So this list now has 9 must-have accessories!

2nd Bowl Blade Lid Set

Having an additional bowl blade lid set lets you create more in your Thermomix. Having a perfectly clean and dry bowl when milling spices or whisking eggs for meringue is critical, but if you have just used your Thermomix bowl it can be a nuisance. I love to cook a curry in one TM6 Bowl and my rice in the other and take both to the table for serving. This creates the minimum amount of mess and washing up! Priced at $375 – Bowl Blade Lid Set Link

BBL Bowl Blade Lid Set isolated on white Background


There are plenty more amazing products at the Mixshop but whether they will be essential to you will depend on the type of cooking you do. For example, I bake a lot so I really like the baking sheets with matching silicone oven mats because it means I never have to use baking paper! But I didn’t include this on my list of essential accessories as not everyone bakes.

I share loads of great recipes on the page. Our community group page is a fabulous place to ask questions and share images of recipes you have made! It helps inspire others to cook new and interesting dishes.

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