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 rnoe TM6 Thermomix – Thermonix is your second set of hands in the kitchen!

Let Thermomix look after dinner for your family tonight! 

TM6 next the TM5 to show comparisons between the two.

First Published 1/8/2019 UPDATED 15/1/2023


We all know how busy the evenings can get. Thermomix® will speed up your meal prep and do the cooking for you, leaving you free to do more important things.  There is no reason to stay in the kitchen when Thermomix is on the job. It really is your best friend in the kitchen.

Thermomix® doesn’t just save you time, it also helps you make healthy recipes from scratch. Do you want to know exactly what you’re feeding your family? You can make meals from scratch quickly and easily, making it perfect for those trying to avoid preservatives. If you have allergies, GF or DF you will want to take a closer look at the Thermomix and the supporting recipes.

Want to know about saving money with Thermomix? Take a look at how much you can save!

 Oh, and yes it does clean itself! We now have 4 Pre-Clean settings so Thermomix® will even do the washing up!


TM6 Thermomix Guided Cooking

TM6 owners are now able to connect this smart appliance to Cookidoo. Cookidoo is a guided cooking recipe platform. This feature allows the user to select dishes from a recipe platform that includes more than 60,000 recipes. Once a recipe is selected from Cookidoo step by step instructions appear on the Thermomix touch-screen.  The user is guided through the recipe, helping every home cook create delicious, cheffy, restaurant-quality meals you would usually go out for. 

TM6 Thermomix Review showing machine and cookidoo

The TM6 touchscreen can also be used to control time, temperature, and speed using manual cooking mode. So users can also continue to cook their favourite conventional recipes in the Thermomix. 

What can the TM6 do?

The TM6 takes the place of more than 20 home appliances! 

Functions on the Thermomix TM6 include;

  1. Egg Boil Mode
  2. Ferment Yoghurt
  3. Warm-up Setting
  4. Slow Cook
  5. Potato Peeling
  6. Blend
  7. Braise
  8. Chop
  9. Crush
  10. Caramelise
  11. Emulsify
  12. Heat
  13. Knead
  14. Grate
  15. Grind
  16. Juice
  17. Mix
  18. Mill
  19. Mince
  20. Puree
  21. Weigh
  22. Whisk
  23. Stir
  24. Steam
  25. Sauté
  26. Stew
  27. Sous-vide
  28. Slicer (Mandoline style)

New features of the TM6 Thermomix are;

  • a larger touch-screen
  • Cookidoo online search access on the touch screen
  • integrated wifi for software updates and new functions to be added to the machine.
  • 16 Pre-set cooking modes – Dough, Potato Peeling, Egg Boil, Turbo, Pre-clean, Kettle, Blend, Slow Cooker, Sous Vide & Fermentation
  • Scales are accurate to 1 gram
  • Heat can be controlled in 5˚C increments.
  • TM6 can reach 160 degrees celsius in guided cooking recipes.
  • The measuring cup is secured into the lid.
  • spatula with a silicon edge for better scraping bowl scraping.
  • TM6 now comes with a splatter guard for use when the MC is removed
  • The internal steam basket now has a lid to prevent overfilling.

Thermomix Buy online price with features shown

Meal Plans, Shopping List, and more!

Meal Planning

The Thermomix is fully interactive with the Cookidoo recipe platform. Cookidoo allows you to select recipes from the platform and place them into a weekly meal plan.

These recipes are automatically added to the TM6 ready for easy guided cooking.  The Cookidoo can be accessed on any smart device. View your meal plan at work, at home, or whilst shopping. Send recipes to your machine whilst you browse on your iPhone or computer.

Shopping List

Once you have selected your recipes and placed them in the meal plan you will want to create a shopping list.  The list can be organised by recipe or supermarket aisle. Go through the shopping list and deselect items you already have in the pantry. Other household items can also be added to your shopping list, such as laundry detergent.

Send the shopping list to your husband at work. Or simply open the Cookidoo app and check off the shopping as you do it. 

If you are too busy to shop, why not send it to Woolworths to be Home Delivered? It’s all so easy!!


Start a free 30 day Cookidoo trial now! Cookidoo Once I order your TM6 you will get an additional 6 months free! Cookidoo is constantly being updated with new recipes and now has 60,000 to choose from. If you choose to keep the subscription it cost just $49 per year.

TM6 Pricing Austalia

The TM6 pricing at the time of writing this article is set at a recommended retail price of $2359. There are four easy payment options available. Take a look at the payment options.

Buying a Thermomix

Thermomix is available for sale online here!  You will not find a TM6 available for sale in a traditional shop. You can purchase a Thermomix directly through this website.  Simply hit the buy now link and a TM6 will be delivered directly to your kitchen.  I’m Julie Carlyle, once you purchase I will be in contact to help you set up your machine!

Buy Now

I sell Thermomix and provide assistance Australia-wide, check out my recipe, online cooking demonstrations, and FB Cookalongs!

If you would like to know more about the TM6 I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Host A Virtual Cooking Experience

The Thermomix can be sold party plan style, which gives our party plan hosts access to gifts and discount coupons to the Thermomix Mix Shop. If you are interested in hosting a cooking experience Julie can provide a virtual, online cooking experience via Zoom or Skype with you and two of your friends. All the functions of the machine will be explained PLUS you and your friends will see the TM6 in action.

This is a great way to earn host rewards such as mix shop discounts, and freebies. Just invite 2 friends to join our virtual cooking experience and you will be rewarded.

How Do You Buy A Thermomix If You Don’t Want To Host A Demonstration?

I can help you get a Thermomix on your kitchen bench even if you don’t want to host a cooking experience. You can buy online by using the buy now link.    


Or, simply use the form and tell me you want to buy a TM6 and I will send you an invoice. 

Your machine will be sent directly to your home. Once your TM6 has been delivered I will help you set it up. We will do an online delivery briefing to familiarize you with your new machine🎉🎉 this is all done online and in the comfort of your own home.

Are you ready to start your Thermomix journey with me?


Thermomix has been the leading all-in-one thermal cooker on the market since the first machine was produced in the 1970s. Each successive model has increased the functionality and scope of the appliance in the kitchen.  The latest version the TM6 takes a huge leap into the future of cooking with smart connection and recipe platform integration. 

If you don’t already have a Thermomix I would absolutely recommend speaking to me and finding out how the Thermomix can help you. This is a labour-saving device that is invaluable when it comes to making food quickly from scratch.


    If you would like to know more about Thermomix please feel free to either ask in the comments section below, send me an email or complete the online form above.


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