How to Save Money with your Thermomix

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How do you save money with your Thermomix? There are so many ways that you can save a little, or a lot off your weekly grocery bill when you own a Thermomix!

How to Save money with your Thermomix

Save $$$ w your Thermomix

Let’s face it, the weekly grocery shopping bill can get out of control! We are currently a family of four, (the two older kids have left home) if I don’t watch what goes into my trolley I can get a huge shock at the checkout.

The main offenders seem to be the pre-packaged school snacks, sandwich meats, sauces and condiments. I took a look at one of my larger shopping bills to try and shed some light on what was causing my food expense to blow out.

I have streamlined my shopping and cooking habits and I’m pleased to report that it’s easy to save money with your Thermomix.

Best of all once you get in the habit of using these tips you will find yourself;

  • using your Thermomix more
  • cutting the cost of your grocery bill
  • reducing your consumption of preservatives and additives
  • reducing food packaging waste
  • BEST OF ALL – Enjoying, better tasting, homemade food!

Image of a trolley in a supermarket save money

So let’s get down to business and look at some simple changes you can make to Save money!

1. Homemade Stock Paste v’s Campbells Real Stock Liquid – Save $3.00 p/w

This is usually the first recipe you will be shown when your consultant delivers your Thermomix. It took me a little while to change to the Thermomix stock but now I would never go back!

Firstly, I used to buy 2-3 litre packs of Campbell’s real stock per week!

Why use the Thermomix stock recipe?

  1. I have to carry my groceries up 2 flights of stairs. The liquid stock weighs 3kgs -Thermomix 0kg!
  2. The Thermomix stock recipe utilises scrapes of vegetables from the fridge crisper. NO cost.
  3. Theremomix stock lasts forever. I usually only make it ever six months. No thinking!
  4. My Thermomix stock takes up no room in my pantry and minimal space in the fridge.
  5. No packaging used with the Thermomix stock, just a reusable airtight container in the fridge.

Recipe is available in the Basic Cookbook

2. 2kg cookies for $7.00 v’s School Snack Pack Cookies 180g = $2.50 Save $20

Chocolate Malted Milo Cookies

Finding snack for the lunchbox and after school is a constant effort. My children could literally finish and 8 pack of mini cookies in one go, leaving nothing for school.

Making your own cookies is so much more economical! I use a big batch cookie dough to save time and money. By dividing the mixture into four and freezing 3/4 I always have fresh cookies to bake off. Each batch can be a different flavour by adding mix-ins.

Each time I bake one of the frozen cookie dough I have 500g of fresh cookies.

Watch this space and I will share a recipe shortly.

3. Block Cheese V’s Packaged Grated Cheese – $7.60 saving p/kg

How do you make grated cheese in the Thermomix?

Grated cheese is super quick to make in the Thermomix.

Take 1kg of block cheese and divided it into 250gm blocks. Divide each block again into quarters.

Place 250g of the cheese cubes into TM bowl. Grate 4 seconds on Speed 9. Remove the cheese and place into a container for storage in the fridge. Continue to process the cheese in 250gm batches until all the cheese has been grated.

Why grate your own cheese?

  1. 1 kg of Bega block tasty cheese costs $9 (an example of an actual brand on 15/2/19). Bega Tasty grated cheese is $8.20 for 500gms or $16.40 per kg.  Save $7.60
  2. Commercially grated cheese includes anti-caking agents.
  3. More than twice the plastic packaging required.

4. Sugar! How Many Different Types of Sugar do you have in the Cupboard?

Do you buy caster sugar, regular sugar and icing sugar? Purchasing 3 different types of sugar sitting in the pantry waiting to be used is not very economical. Plus, these sugars take up valuable pantry space and you have 3 lots of packaging.

How do you make caster sugar in the Thermomix?

Add regular sugar to the TM bowl. Mill 2 -3 seconds on Speed 8.

How do you make icing sugar in the Thermomix?

Add regular sugar to the TM bowl. Mill 1 minute on Speed 8. If you want the icing to be even finer. wait until the TM bowl cools (it will get hot from friction) then mill again for 1 minute on Speed 8.

5. Homemade Ricotta V’s Commercial Prepared Ricotta -$9.80 saving p/kg

Close up of fresh homemade ricotta in a white bowl on flora background

How do you make ricotta cheese in the Thermomix?

It takes about 5 minutes and you need just milk and vinegar. Take a look at the recipe for ricotta here.

Why make your own ricotta cheese?

  1. 1 kg of Galbani Ricotta costs $12 (example of an actual brand on 15/2/19). Homemade ricotta cost $1.10 for 500 gm or $2.20 per kg.  Save $9.80
  2. Homemade ricotta lasts a lot longer than deli ricotta
  3. Homemade ricotta taste far nice and has a better texture than commercially prepared ricotta
  4. Commercial ricotta is stored in single-use plastic containers.

6. Baking Your Own Bread – $2.50 per loaf saving

How do you make your own bread in the Thermomix?

Once again, the Thermomix does all the work when it comes to baking bread. Your active cooking time is only about 5 minutes. Take a look at a recipe for bread here.

Why make your own bread? 

There are so many reasons to make your own bread. My number one reason is that everyone loves freshly baked bread!

The amount you save on baking your bread will vary depending on the type of bread you usually purchase. If you buy “Homebrand” white bread. You won’t save anything by making your own.

I used to buy the 9-grain bread which is 700g and retails for $3.50 per loaf.

  1. 5 kg bag of bakers flour cost $10 to makes 14 x 1 kg loaves of bread.  Add a mixed seed and grain pack for $5. So, 14 homemade 9 grain loaves cost just $15.  14 smaller commercial loaves costs $49 Save $34
  2. Homemade bread is freshly baked and tastes amazing.
  3. Commercially prepared bread is stored in plastic packaging.
  4. Commercially prepared is full of preservatives.

7. Save Money w Homemade Pizza Bases V’s Commercially Prepared -$10.50 saving

Image of homemade dough being rolled for Pizza

How do you make pizza dough in the Thermomix?

This recipe takes about 3 minutes of active time and uses the baker’s flour and bread ingredients you already have in the pantry from making your own bread. Take a look at this dough recipe here.

Why make your own pizza dough? 

My family usually makes 4 pizza’s at a time so there are leftovers for lunch the following day.

  1. 4 commercial prepared Bazaar Gourmet Pizza Bases cost $12 (880 gm) (example of an actual brand on 15/2/19). 4 homemade pizza bases cost $1.50 for 880 gm dough.  Save $10.50
  2. Homemade pizza bases taste amazing compared to the cardboard flavour and texture of commercially prepared pizza dough.
  3. Commercially prepared pizza dough is stored in plastic packaging.
  4. Commercially prepared pizza dough contains preservatives and emulsifiers.

Take a look at this recipe for your pizza dough!

8. Homemade Cheesymite Scrolls for School Lunch vs Bakers Delight. Save $2.50 ea

Overhead shot Cheesymite scrolls on a floral plate white knife

Make your own Cheesymite Scrolls with this recipe! It’s as easy as making pizza dough!

Why make your own Cheesymite scrolls?

  1. My recipe will make 9 large scrolls! 9 scrolls at Bakers Delight will cost $27. At home, they cost less than $7.
  2. Once proofed you can freeze the scrolls and bake them off as you need them so you always have fresh scrolls.
  3. No wastage the premade scrolls can be frozen.

9. Homemade Aioli or Mayonnaise

Thermomix Mayonnaise

Thermomix Mayonnaise

Making your own mayonnaise or aioli is super easy and absolutely delicious!

I love that I can adjust the flavour by adding a little mustard, or garlic, turmeric or dill. Whatever herbs and spices that will suit the dish can be added to the basic recipe.

How do you make Mayonnaise in the Thermomix? Save $3.00 per week

I have the perfect basic mayonnaise recipe here for you to customise!

Why make your own mayonnaise?

  1. Have you seen the list of artificial colours, flavours, preservative and enhancers in mayonnaise? It’s scary!!  Homemade contains only natural products. No nasties!
  2. Commercially prepared mayonnaise costs about $1.55 per 100gm. Making your own mayonnaise costs about $1 per 500gm.

10. Thermomix Sandwich Meat v’s  packaged deli meats such as ham, salami and devon

Chicken Salad Thermomix

Chicken Salad Thermomix

Buying sandwich meats at Woolworths has always been a pet hate of mine. The little Primo or Hans packs hold barely enough meat for a sandwich and REALLY add up when you’re buying for a hungry family.

Why stop buying sandwich meats?

  1. 100g of Primo English Ham cost $3.00 (as at 21/2/19)  AND Danish Salami is $3.00 for 80g I will make 4 sandwiches 5 days per week for our family – 20 sandwiches. so I at least need 1.5 kgs of meat. If I bought the small packs it would cost me nearly $60 per week! When I buy the meat at the deli it is a little less $40 per week but it gets slimy VERY quickly and ends up wasted. So what is the alternative??? Check out this chicken sandwich meat recipe. It tastes fabulous and is about $45 cheaper than buying individual meat packs and $25 cheaper than visiting the deli.
  2. Save on so much packaging and plastic
  3. The chicken salad recipe is ready to go in the fridge and taste so much better than plain meats.
  4. The chicken salad recipe already has some salad ingredients in the dish.
  5. Salami and ham contain loads of salt, nitrates, preservatives and other nasties. The chicken salad recipe is homemade and free from nasties.

Is it worth the Effort???

I know that it does take a little extra time to cook the basics from scratch. The money saving tips I have listed above are not very time-consuming. Most of the recipes actually require very little time in front of the Thermomix. The difficult part is making a commitment to start saving money by using your Thermomix more, and then getting into a habit.

The easiest way to start this new habit would be to choose 2 or 3 changes you would like to make. Perhaps you would like to make a big batch of cookie dough and commit to buying block cheese. Just changing 2-3 habits could still save you up to $23 per week if your family is similar to mine.

What if I don’t have Thermomix?

Coincidentally if you take advantage of the TM6 24 months interest-free offer the repayments are just $23 per week. So you can use the money you would have spent on groceries to get a Thermomix TM6 on your bench today!

Brochure of Zip finance and TM6 

My Weekly Grocery Savings

As I outlined with these money-saving tips, our family saves more than $23 per week.

  • 2 x Liquid Stock $6.00
  • 500g cookies $5.00
  • 1 kg cheese $7.60
  • sugar …it varies
  • ricotta 250g $2.50
  • 2 loaves bread $5.00
  • pizza saving $10.50 (so much more if you but Dominos)
  • 6 cheeseymite scrolls $7.50
  • mayonnaise $3.00
  • deli meats $25.00


On an average week, I save $72.10 on basic grocery items!!

Plus, we used to get a takeaway meal at least one or two nights per week in addition to the groceries! This would cost approximately $60 – $70 each meal! We rarely buy takeaway any more as there are so many Cookidoo recipes that are quicker and cheaper.

How to Buy a Thermomix on Zip Finance

The natural conclusion is especially if you have a family, the Thermomix will save you ALOT of money on your grocery bill, well above and beyond the cost of the investment. If you want to start saving money AND get a Thermomix TM6 on your kitchen bench I can help you.

Complete this form below and I will take you through the steps.


How do you save money with your Thermomix?

I would love to know how your Thermomix helps you save money on the grocery bill. Please leave any suggestions you have for others in the comment section below.

Every time I think of another way to save money I will update this list, so please feel free to check back for more great ideas.

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