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Christmas is the perfect time to give something delicious and homemade. If you’ve considered giving a Christmas hamper from your kitchen I have just the recipe roundup to get you started.

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There is nothing more personal than a handmade gift. A gift from your kitchen lets the recipient know you care enough to go to the trouble of preparing something special, just for them.

Whether you’re creating a mega Christmas hamper in a picnic basket with wine and napkins or a single item beautifully wrapped for a neighbour I have the recipes for you. My Christmas recipe roundup is full of delicious idea’s.

Before we take a look at the recipes, make sure you think about how you will present your finished product!

Christmas Hamper Presentation Ideas

Presenting your homemade gifts beautifully is a skill, but it’s well worth going to a little bit of extra trouble for a gorgeous finished product.

Most of the time you can find the items you need at a discount store or if you are crafty and op shop, so a lovely presentation doesn’t need to be expensive.

A container for your goodies

When you’re packaging your hamper you will need a sturdy base to display your treats. This may be as simple as a piece of cardboard for a small hamper or a re-purposed picnic basket for a larger collection.

Don’t forget to look at garage sales and op shops. Even if the baskets or buckets have seen better days, a can of matt white spray paint can make it look rustic but beautiful.

  • Baskets of all sizes and shapes
  • Mini Buckets
  • Mini Wooden Boxes
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Noodle boxes
  • A piece of rigid cardboard

Elevating & Displaying

If you think about commercially prepared hampers they always use a filler. Filler is used so you showcase your treats in the exact position you want them to stay. It also allows you to add height and levels to the display. Using filler removes empty, boring spaces and ties together your gift.

  • Shredded coloured paper in your theme colour
  • wooden wool (looks good with white baskets)
  • A new tea towel or white cheesecloth crumpled into position behind the treats.
  • tissue paper or cellophane crumpled
7 images of Thermomix sweets gifts for a Christmas Hamper

Wrapping Your Christmas Hamper

How you wrap your hamper will depend on the style and size of your gift. In past years I have bought pretty reusable shopping bags and placed the completed hamper in the bag, then tied it up with a big bow.

  • Clear cellophane
  • Christmas fabric
  • Unbleached Calico or Cheesecloth
  • Reusable shopping bag (I prefer a plain colour)

The finishing Touch

Once your hamper is wrapped it’s time to really pretty it up.

  • Handmade Name Tags
  • Pretty bows (you can use strips of Christmas fabric to DIY)
  • Hair Scrunchy (if you’ve gathered together cellophane or fabric)
  • A Christmas ornament attached to the hamper near the gift tag

Christmas Recipe Roundup

Thermomix Salted Caramel Reindeer Fudge
These cute little reindeer make gorgeous Christmas gifts for the neighbour and friends.
Check out this recipe
Thermomix Salted Caramel Fudge Reindeer
Rum Balls – Thermomix
Rum Balls are the quickest treat you can make for Christmas gift giving and snacking.
Check out this recipe
Rum Balls on a heart plate
Thermomix Christmas Pudding
Thermomix Christmas pudding is a decadent and homely than a traditional, homemade Christmas pudding.  This recipe was originally my grandmother’s.  I’ve kept the ingredients the same but converted the method to utilise the Varoma for steaming.  This is now a totally simple, fuss-free Thermomix Christmas pudding recipe.
Check out this recipe
portrait image of steamed Thermomix Christmas pudding on light background.
Thermomix Christmas Shortbread Cookies
This recipe produces perfectly buttery and crisp shortbread cookies with just the right level of sweetness. 
Check out this recipe
Traditional Shortbread Cookies
White Christmas Recipe
White Christmas slice is a retro Christmas treat with crunchy rice bubbles and dried fruit that is still popular today.
Check out this recipe
White Christmas Slice on a pedestal with a white background
Chocolate Reindeer Cookies Thermomix
These super cute chocolate reindeer cookies are made using an upside-down gingerbread man cutter. Take a look at the chocolate sugar cookie recipe. The reindeer is decorated with an M&M for a Rudolph red nose. Just perfect for gifting or school lunches in the lead-up to Christmas.
Check out this recipe
These super cute chocolate reindeer cookies are made using an upside-down gingerbread man cutter. Take a look at the chocolate sugar cookie recipe. The reindeer is decorated with an M&M for a Rudolph red nose. Just perfect for gifting or school lunches in the lead-up to Christmas.
Thermomix Chocolate Mint Fudge Christmas Tree
Thermomix chocolate mint fudge in the shape of a cute Christmas tree makes the perfect Christmas gift for teachers & neighbours. Easy Thermomix fudge!
Check out this recipe
Chocolate Fudge in the shape of a Christmas Tree
Thermomix Christmas Gingerbread Cookie Recipe
A deliciously rich gingerbread recipe perfect for decorating.
Check out this recipe
Gingerbread Cookies in box

I share loads of great recipes on the page. Our community group page is a fabulous place to ask questions and share images of recipes you have made! It helps inspire others to cook new and interesting dishes.

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If you’re looking for a special drink to get your festive season started, why not try my Raspberry Bellini or Espresso Martini?

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Raspberry Bellini Cocktail

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